Text input program for PDA with Pocket PC 2002 or Windows Mobile 2003 operating system.

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About Blimkeys

Freeware Top Picks 2007
PocketPC nominee
Blimkeys has been nominated for a Best Software Awards 2005 at the PocketPC Magazine

One hand operation standard SIP (Soft Input Panel). It's a text input program which able to substitute the keyboard and accessible from any application after the installation. With this program you can input text to your PDA like write SMS on a regular cellphone. This method's advantage appear when you travel on a public transport vehicle and just one of your hands free, or travel on a bad road that shakes you and the character recognizer unuseable.

The software supports all of the letters of the English alphabet, punctation characters and numbers. But the allocation of the characters is freely reversible so the application practically support all languages.

The main parameters of the keyboard's look is adjustable in an external initialisation file. This paramteres are the number of boards, the number of rows and columns on a board, the board's height. The characters that a button can write is also adjustable. You can add a character by it's Unicode value so the program can support many special character.
The colors, fonts also adjustable.


CS-mini Portable security device
Small size GSM alarm.



State: Workable program for daily use. Under development continuously.
Functions in the next release: Predictive text input and word completion. Better support for screens those are different from 240×320 pixels.
Planed functions: A control panel window for settings and customization.

System requirements

CPU: Intel StrongARM or compatible (XScale ready)
Operating system: MS Pocket PC 2002 or newer (Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 SE ready)
Screen: The program is optimized for 240×320 pixel size screens. (It is necessary to modify the initialisation file for correct displaying if your screen size is 480×640 pixel or other.)


The actual versions of Blimkeys is freely useable and distributeable
Use it at your own risk!
Installation package that contains instructions:
>>> (Contains a self-installing CAB file)
>>> (Manual install, only for experts!)
>>> changelog.txt
The packages contains initialisation files for the Arabic, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Portugese, Russian (Cyril), Spain, Swedish and Thai character allocation.
You can adjust the allocation of the characters or the layout by modifying the initialisation file. Use this tool, to find a character's Unicode value! The supported languages grows with the user posted initialisation files continuously.


You cannot treat me for a beer or lunch, but you can support me with some money as a donation. Your donation can be a token of your satisfaction of having my program made and published. Moreover with this you inspire me to continue my work on developing the program.

Please give your name during the process of donation! I will provide every supporter with a free copy of Blimkeys, if it becomes a commercial product ever in the future.

Help and support

Before you ask questions, please read the ReadMe.txt file attached to the installation package!

User forums, where I am present

>>> (English)
>>> (Hungarian)


If you like to receive informations and news about my programs and about Blimkeys, please indicate me by E-mail! You can do this easily by clicking on the link below. Your e-mail address does'nt become into an online database, just take it to my addressbook.

Contact me!

Feel free to contact me if you have problems, question or recommendations about the program! You can send me your initialisation files and screenshots. I will upload them here if they are useful or interesting.

More screen shots

The standard layout with English characters The GSM handset style layout
Keybard with Arabic letters. Japanese characters. You can find more information about Japanese input method on Asukal's website.

Please note! Blimkeys can display characters those are in the True Type Font what you definied in the blimkeys.txt file.





CS-mini Portable security device
Small size GSM alarm.



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Gabor Salamon